PHASES Envirocare Pvt. Ltd. has itís corporate office in Navi Mumbai from where from where it operates itís activities that include:
Pest Control Services Ė in residential and commercial establishments
Marketing Services that include sale of hygiene chemicals, lizard repellents, etc
Public Health business opportunities by participating in tenders floated by government organizations, municipal corporation, PSUsí, etc.
PHASES Envirocare Pvt. Ltd. has the expertise and patience to successfully conduct pest control operations in commercial establishments like factories, hotels, hospitals and restaurants. The company also caters to controlling household pests in independent residential flats and housing societies.
PHASES Envirocare Pvt. Ltd. markets products for the public health and hygiene sector.
The organization has well qualified scientists, ably supported by experienced personnel to systematically conduct pest control and public health operations. The operators are young, enthusiastic, trained and well equipped to restrict and control serious household pests that infest residential areas and commercial establishments like restaurants, hospitals, factories and hotels.
PHASES Envirocare Pvt. Ltd. is in the process of introducing many more innovative & useful products for the community, in general.
PHASES Envirocare Pvt. Ltd. is successful and has a good market reputation primarily due to itís personal commitments in regularly following-up visits to access the effect of earlier treatments and planning future course of action so as to ensure that our customers are satisfied with services being rendered.
Some of the pests that breed in residential and commercial establishments are termites, rats, cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, ants and lizards.

Phases Envirocare takes care

Pest Control Services :  
The Cockroaches
The Rodent Control
The Mosquitoes
Fly Control
Termite Control
Other Services


Registered Office
Phases Envirocare Pvt Ltd.
56 Kuber, Sector - 17
Vashi, Navi Mumbai - 400 703.

Tel: +91-22-65254847 / 27810741
Mobile: +91-9769390101
Email: cjbabu@phasesenvirocare.com

Products OTC Products Pest Control
 Lizquit Product Brand Name : Phases Plus The Cockroaches Fly Control
 Phases Hand Wash Brand Name : Phases The Rodent Control Termite Control
 Phases Plus- H1N1 Disinfectant Brand Name : Phases Hand Wash The Mosquitoes Other Services
 Phases Sanitizer – General Sanitizer Brand Name : Lizquit        
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